Email Marketing

Anytime mail is sent to a potential customer, it is either solicited or unsolicited. The only time it is solicited is if a customer has visited a company webpage and has agreed to stay in touch by providing their email. Otherwise, email addresses are obtained by other means and the mail might be rejected as annoying spam. One way to reduce rejection is to recognize The best time to send email marketing.

Extra information about The best time to send email marketing

Timing is very important. Mail sent at the right time is much more likely to get opened. Otherwise, it will be pushed beneath other bits in the inbox. Considering the complexity and effectiveness of modern mail filters, a marketer is lucky to land in the inbox. If they do, then they better have a good reason for being there. If the customer is in a relaxed state and the mail appears to fit their interests, then they might open it.

Email is usually checked either once a day or at least a few times a week. This is more likely to happen before the viewer goes to work or after they get home from it. If the marketer happens to know their shift or daily schedule, then it is much easier to reach that audience at a convenient time. Otherwise, the marketer is shooting to a hoard of random customers and is assuming that most work first shift.

The two most likely times for email to be opened and accepted are either in the morning before 9 am and in the afternoon after 5 pm. This is before and after most first shift jobs. The customer is likely busier in the morning but might check mail if it is relevant to daily business. The absolute best time is right after they get off work. After work, people are more relaxed and are more receptive to shopping and scrutinizing non-necessities. This includes Email Marketing messages.

Unless the marketer has a specific target in mind, he is playing a statistical game. A lot of mail ends up in the spam box, and the few messages lucky to land in the inbox will likely be scrutinized by the receiver. It must be relevant or else it will be flagged for the spam folder and future messages will never be seen. For this reason, the message must be timely and interesting to the audience.

The other time to send messages without offense is generally the weekend. Most people receive their days off during the weekend and also have more free time on these days. Messages selling leisurely goods and services might be better received while the audience is at rest. More messages are opened on Saturday and slightly fewer on Sunday.

Oddly enough, Tuesday is also a good day to send messages. This is the day after Monday, which tends to be dreaded because it means going back to work and dealing with any tasks that backed up over the weekend. Monday might be hectic, but things settle down on Tuesday, and this is the first regular workday when less pressing matters are handled. This might mean reading work email.